A weekend in the Sun

The sunshine and the warmth have finally arrived in Paris, and what I do I do? I go inside to see an art exposition…my logic is really questionable, but I thought as it was one of te last weekends to go and see Van Gogh: Dreams of Japan, I thought I best give it a whirl. If you’re a fan of ol’ Vincent, his work inspired by his time in Japan is showing till the 17th of March, and words cannot give his work justice, looking at his work you can see the creation of 3D through his stokes and his images are so surreal and yet alive at the same time, and this is a time well before avatar burst through our screens. (www.pinacotheque.com/fr/accueil/expositions/aujourdhui/van-gogh.html)

Sunday has been a glorious day of mooching through Montmartre, which including lunch, discovering there will be a scottish festival next week, a spot of vintage shopping, Moulin Rouge tourist photos, and a fabulous shop with my name on it…


I wonder what kind of shop this could be…Image

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