Musée Guimet


I’ve been wanting to visit the musée guimet for quite a while now, and the trip certainly didn’t disappoint. Running in to escape the rainy streets of Paris I was greeted by a calm spacious entrance guiding you towards the different rooms and expositions.

Unfortunately the expositions that I wanted to see (Hokeei and Thé de Guimet) had already ended but I thought I would give the rest of the place and inspection!

If you’re looking for an arty museum with paintings everywhere, this is not the one for you. Guimet takes you on a tour of Asia; including India, Ancient China, Pakistan, Afganistan, korea and Japan. A complete opposite from the museums I normally go to.

A museum to guide you through a completely different history to Europe, with quite a lot of information to take in. and even the history and the location of the museum are almost like a hidden gem in Paris; check out Guimet’s library (3rd and 4th pics) and the view of the eiffel tower from the top of the building.

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