Snowed out Sunday

We’ve had snow in Paris now for two days, but since I’ve been pretty snowed under (let me have the pun!) with uni work, snow days have meant studying insteaqd of snow angels, until today, being the day to hand in my worked turned out a lot trickier than imagined.

No matter how long I live her for, I seem to forget the golden rule of France on a Sunday: Everything is closed!! This proved to be rather challenging after finishing my essay and needing to find a printer and then hand my work in. So, I spent a good part of my day trapesing round Paris looking for Internet cafés, which on a Sunday, is a lot easier said than done.

Finally, one printed assignment, one cold nose, and a few cute snapshots later, all my work for last semester is handed in, this little adventure hopefully has made me learn my lesson not to leave my work until the last minute…until the next time! x



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