Lunch break museum trips

I feel like since I have been back to Paris I haven’t done much aside from coursework and teaching, so today I went for a little museum trip between classes. I was teaching just around the corner from the Louvre, when the brainwave occurred, why not go to the Louvre?!!!! (I know with ideas like that you’re thinking I must be a genius disguised as a blogger!) 

I actually decided to go just next door to the Louvre, to La Musée des Arts Décoratifs. I just sped through, but it was lovely to walk through such a beautiful building especially when the weather is so cold! It would only take about 2 hours max to go round it all and because I’m under 25 entrace was free, so I would definitely recommend it as a arty winter warmer, but if you’ve never been to the Louvre that is still the big deal.






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5 Responses to Lunch break museum trips

  1. loucrane says:

    Next time you go in could you steal me the floral table and post it back to the UK? Thanks!

  2. …the leopard print chair… I’m looking at it thinking, how tacky….then thought, is it a print??… next lunch break hike over to the Musee de Cluny… went years ago and thats chock-a-block with cool stuff to ogle…

    • It’s just my adoration for anything leopard print…tacky or not!
      I went to Musée de Cluny not long ago but can’t seem to find any pics, but yes thats a fab one to go to!

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