La palabra del dia…

elegir = to choose/elect

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Instagram Starter Kit Giveaway (with iPhone 4S)

Don’t mind if I do!

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Style Crush

With this new ‘chapter’ of my life, comes a new wardrobe, but at the moment teacher training is quite restricting in what you can wear in the old school corridors, but leaving school aside, this is what I would wear out for a special occasion, or even for a smart casual look.

I’m sure Jessica Alba’s outfit was rather on the expensive side, for my student budget, so I went dug around in my existing wardrobe and found this pink pleated skirt by Jane Norman and and ASOS strappy heels still available at the moment and will try it out soon.

Black and pink: The 32-year-old actress finished her front row ensemble off with a cropped black jumper, matching stilettos, and a patent leather purse

Picture sourced from

Image 1 of ASOS PRIOR Pointed High Heels

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Word of the day

I’m currently learning Spanish and I found the app ‘Spanishdict’ which gives you a new word everyday, just thought I’d share so we can learn Spanish together 😉


anadir = to add

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New year, new city.

A little notification popped up the other day wishing my blog a happy birthday. It doesn’t feel like two minutes since I first signed up but a lot has changed since then. I have finirshed my Masters in Paris and have now started a teaching course in London to teach French and Spanish. 

So with a new ‘birthday’ comes a new chapter, a new city and lots more to share…


Wish me luck!

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Found this on …..CUTE

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The ‘Amelie’ Walk

The 2001 French film has become a part of France’s cultural identity; the Parisian scenes, the music and Audrey Tautou’s quirky portrayal of Amelie made me want to discover the reality of director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Paris.

The stylised settings show Paris in a clean cut way hat is not always the case, but after walking by some of the key locations of the film over ten years after its released, there still exists a certain…je ne sais quoi…!!
028 033 035 037 044 047 050 051 054 058 059 061This is the site I followed for the walk:

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To anyone out there…

I started this blog as a kind of photo diary of my life in Paris, but stopped blogging in March after computer failure, (laptop breakdown =anf fortunately not emotional breakdown!) I have now passed my Masters in French as a Foreign Language and am soon to be starting the next chapter, or in blog terms – post, of my life and am about to move to my other favourite city…London!
Its been really nice to see people have been reading this while I’ve not even been posting, and now I fully intend to get back on ‘it’ blogging about city life…so enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment, leave questions, or link me your blog…a toute xx

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Fashion Bubble





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Back home

From Paris to London to the seaside. A whole day of travelling on every kind of transport; metro, taxi, bus, tube, train, car, and I’m finally home! Nothing like escaping the big smoke for some seaside air.


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